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shanemun Offline


Beiträge: 6

30.04.2014 00:40
Question on painting bolts and screws. Antworten

Hello there,
I am restoring an r75 in Canada so don't speak german so here is my question in English!

I am going through the ribe bolts I need for my restoration. Unfortunately the bike was a basket case when I bought it and did not include any bolts. Hans Peter has a section in his book that helps me with deciding on what bolts I need.
Are there any bolts on the r75 that did not come with the original RIBE markings?

What was originally done when painting the r75 bolts? My bike is an april 1943 bike North African. Are the bolt heads painted for this bike? If they are how are people painting the bolt heads? Before installation or after? Spraying or painting them? Are there some bolt heads left not painted and which ones are they? Obviously the motor casing and gearbox casing are probably not painted. What about the gear levers etc? Any good links or reference photos for this?



ukuruku Offline

erfahrener Gespannfahrer

Beiträge: 81

30.04.2014 05:18
#2 RE: Question on painting bolts and screws. Antworten

hello shane,
all the bolts on the r75 came with the ribe logo on it and there should be a list here somewhere that gives you an overview of the particular size ,lenght and quantity used on the bike.your best bet is to order a complete set.
by the way i live in squamish bc and have two r75, also restored the r75 displayed in the trev deley museum vancouver ,drop me a line or call me if you run into any problems

shanemun Offline


Beiträge: 6

30.04.2014 05:44
#3 RE: Question on painting bolts and screws. Antworten

Hi Pete,
Thanks for the information. I am in Canmore, Alberta. I heard there were either 2 r75's your way or at least one and a zundapp. I also have heard of an r75 in Edmonton.

I will Message you with my contact information. Would love to chat further and if I am out your way see your restorations.

I imagine the best place to order a set of bolts is through Hans Peter here correct?



ukuruku Offline

erfahrener Gespannfahrer

Beiträge: 81

01.05.2014 03:13
#4 RE: Question on painting bolts and screws. Antworten

here is the link for the riebe bolts used on the r75
when i am not mistaken the original bolts were cadmium coated and then painted in the colour of the bike.i have used a 2x4 and drilled holes deep enough to protect the thraed from overspray and then painted a whole bunch of them with a touch up gun.also another link with lots of detail photos of the original r75 just go forward and back from this picture
will be at the august meeting in nakusp bc beemers

EricR75 Offline


Beiträge: 1

19.05.2014 15:41
#5 RE: Question on painting bolts and screws. Antworten

Hello Shane,
I had the same question when I did a repaint job on my R75 two years ago. As I had contact with Giovanni Bianchi, the Italian author of a book about the development of the R75 during production years, I asked him this question as there is nothing about this issue in his book. According to Giovanni, all bolts and nuts were black when they were fitted new. But as during service many R75 were resprayed or repainted, the bolts and nuts were resprayed or repainted as well and then became the same color as the bike. Therefore it is difficult to say what color they should have now. If you restore the bike as it was when it left the factory, then the bolts and nuts should be black. Otherwise, give them the same color as the bike. And yes, all bolts were RIBE. Peter sells what you need for a complete set.
I left them black on my R75. But please mind that for M8, all nuts should have a 14mm size which you can't find in a normal DIY or ironwrongers shop. There is a company in Germany that sell's these M8 nuts in black. Or buy them in blank and paint them black. I assume that Peter sells them as well (but not in black as far as I know).
Success with your restoration job.

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